Most farmers have to deal from time to time with piglets that need supplement milk. The milk of the sow is not sufficient or the quality is not good enough, there are more piglets than teats available, the farmer moves piglets to a foster sow or the piglets are raised motherless. On these occasions the new-born piglets can be fed with Pigipro piglet milk.

Pigipro milk replacers are the best products for improving survival chances, growth, digestion and overall health of piglets during the first weeks of life. As the needs of piglets differ throughout their development, the Pigipro product range is divided into three phases: 

For additional information on the Pigipro 1-2-3 concept and for requesting the Pigipro 1-2-3 flyer please use our contact form.


Dans ce graphique le poids moyen d’un porcelet est décrit lorsqu’on distribue les 3 produits de Schils: Pigipro 1 Milk Care (lait pour porcelet), et Pigipro P 2-V et Pigipro P 3-V (un aliment prédémarrage et sevrage). 


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