Eurolat GmbH

Eurolat GmbH is, since its founding in 1998, based in the German town of Lindlar. Lindlar is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, in the middle of nature park “Bergisches Land”. Eurolat is a spray-drying plant that produces mainly powdered products from dairy raw materials and vegetable fats. Dairy products and fats are processed, homogenized, evaporated and then processed into long-lasting powder products using four spray towers.

Eurolat mainly produces for Schils BV and Schils Food BV, as part of the VanDrie Group. Thanks to the close cooperation with Schils BV and Schils Food BV, the required quality aspects of raw materials and finished products can be utilized optimally for the customers and consumers.

Eurolat has a strong focus on the environment. The water used by Eurolat comes from a private water spring and the used water is biologically purified by using microorganisms, in an in-house wastewater treatment system. 

Production at Eurolat takes place 24/7. In order to guarantee the highest quality, Eurolat has its own laboratory. In addition, Eurolat produces in accordance with EU regulations and meets the following certifications and standards: EEC D-NW-409, QS (conform GMP+), ISO 50001:2018ISO 9001Organic Production Licence.


Innovation, employee enthusiasm and sustainability are keywords at Eurolat.

Eurolat has committed to an innovation programme through continuous investments in equipment and automation. The most recent innovation, an investment in a new spray tower and an expansion of storage capacity, took place in 2018. These innovations have helped ensure that energy consumption fell by 15% in 2018 and water consumption even by more than 30% compared to previous years.

Eurolat continues to innovate and is ready for the future together with its employees, customers and consumers.



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